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#IrishAbroad: Five Irish animation projects to pitch at Cartoon Forum

Cartoon Forum, one of the world’s leading pitching and co-pro forum for animated TV projects, is currently underway in Toulouse, with three Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland-supported projects — Cartoon Saloon’s Silly Sundays, Mutiny Group’s Birdie and Pictor Productions’ Flix — pitching at the event. These three are joined by Telgael’s 390 and Ink and Light’s Harry and Bip – Summer Season.

For 3 days, Irish producers will pitch their project in front of 1000 broadcasters, investors and other potential partners from 38 countries.

Silly Sundays

Silly Sundays, which will be pitched by Nuria Blanco, Paul Young and Maurice Joyce for Cartoon Saloon, follows an Irish-Mediterranean family in a world where school and work are out for the week and a day of family fun lies ahead. 

Looking back on our family outings, we rarely remember the days where everything went according to plan. It’s the days when things went a little awry that will stay with us forever – from Granny getting stuck on the waterslide to Dad’s swimming trunks being pinched by a crab – everybody knows the best memories lie in the mayhem. So join Tito, Sonia and Mel on their “Silly Sundays”, when school and work are out for the week, and a day of unforgettable family fun lies ahead!


Birdie, which will be pitched by Gwendolyn Forde and Paul Lynch for Mutiny Group, is about a spirited little girl with a curiosity for life. Life is a big adventure for Birdie and in her Dreams, she further explores without limits.

Birdie is a dreamer. A spirited little girl with a curiosity for life. While Mum is at work, Dad stays home with Birdie. And with Dad close by to help out, Birdie has many questions about life and the world around her. Life is a big adventure for Birdie and in her Dreams, she further explores without limits. With her faithful companions, Motley Bear and Lightning the Unicorn by her side, Birdie gets whisked away to Dreamworld where she encounters magical places, inspiring friends and whimsical adventures! Through these delightful little adventures, Birdie finds that creativity and imagination allow her to live the life of her dreams every day. Birdie. The little girl with big dreams.


Flix, which will be pitched by Aria Ungerer for Pictor Productions, is based on an award-winning book by Tomi Ungerer. Flix is a 10-year-old dog who lives with his cat mum, dad and sister in a place that seems in every way like it wasn’t designed for him. But Flix is an outgoing dog who is willing to try anything and is ready to take on the world.

The world can be baffling and exciting when you are 10 years old. It’s even weirder if you are the only dog in a town full of cats. Flix lives with his cat mum, dad and sister in a place that seems in every way like it wasn’t designed for him. But Flix is an outgoing dog who is willing to try anything, even if it means pretending he enjoys mice cream and watching laser pointers. Together with his two best cat friends and fellow misfits, Munchkin and Tabi, he’s ready to take on the world and see if there might just be something in his delusions of grandeur. The truth is he is just as much puss as pug and he takes it all in his stride. 

These projects are all in receipt of development funding from Screen Ireland. Irish animation talent has been a constant presence at Cartoon Forum over the last number of years and in 2017, Ireland was the second-highest-selected country after France, which followed on from the Forum placing a special spotlight on Irish animation at the 2016 event — the first time ever that such an honour was bestowed on one country.

In addition two non-Screen Ireland projects will pitch:


390 is a co-produced by Telegael in Galway and Calon from the United Kingdom.

Are you a seven stone weakling who’s tired of trading his lunch for a punch? Have you always dreamed of owning an invisible fish? Have you longed for a smart phone that actually makes you smart? And is your life-long ambition to raise the dead? If so, then “390” is the show for you!

Harry and Bip – Summer Season

Harry and Bip – Summer Season is a co-production from Ink and Light in Finland and Ireland. 

Harry and Bip are two brothers ready to have the summer of their lives. Only problem…these young penguins live in Antarctica. The vast icy plain they call their home doesn’t have a whole lot going on. But that’s never stopped Harry and Bip – they are great at making their own fun, and will slip, slide and splash through the neighbourhood causing mayhem for their Walrus neighbours and the rest of the penguin flock. With their mum gone down south with the rest of the female penguins, Harry and Bip are home alone with their absent-minded dad. While Bip would be happy tapping on his tablet computer all summer, Harry is ready to get out and about – and he’s going to bring Bip along with him!

Harry and Bip – Summer Season  is based on characters from Ink and Light’s previously series Harry and Bip, which was financed by Screen Ireland and produced in Ireland. Ink and Light were earlier this year nominated as Cartoon Producer of the Year, alongside 9 Story as Investor of the Year.

Since Cartoon Forum’s creation in 1990, 753 series found financing, representing a total budget of €2.5 billion.

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