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#IrishAnimation: Urban Tails “Mista C-Lion” getting ready to strut his stuff at MIPCOM

This year at MIPCOM Pink Kong Studios is getting ready to release another showcase for their TV series Urban Tails. With the star of the show this time being “Mista C-Lion”, a cool Seal-ebrity that struts his stuff around San Francisco Bay.

Urban Tails is a 52x2min 2D animated series where we see Animal Music Artists ooze attitude as their videos play in the Urban Tails Music Chart show. Filled with funny character-driven content the series is energetic, unpredictable and upbeat, presenting the viewers with a unique take on Urban Wildlife.

Each episode is a music video that educates us about what life is really like for the creatures living amongst us in our cities. With strong lyrics and a visual style that emulates 1990’s videos, Urban Tails is sure to have children and their nostalgic parents engaged in co-viewing.

Urban Tails - Mista C-Lion
Urban Tails – Mista C-Lion

This series is something very unique.  It’s funny and visually appealing, while also educating the audience in a stealth like way about cool animals around the globe!

We’re heading to MIPCOM with the second sample episode, Mista C-Lion from the city of San Francisco. It’s great to be able to showcase another episode filled with Wild Rhymes, Wild Beats and Wildlife!
Niamh Herrity, Producer – Pink Kong Studios

The series secured development funding from the Irish Film Board. The lively series will have audiences tuning in for their daily cool music fix.

These seriously catchy tunes will stick in your head for days. The first showcase of Urban Tails “Paws n Claws” was nominated for Best TV Pilot at Cartoons on the Bay 2017. Paws n Claws are a Salt ‘N’ Pepa style Fox rap duo from Dublin who set the record straight…foxes are clever and not sly- “Don’t believe all you read, don’t believe the hype!”. We can’t wait to show what we have in store for “Mista C-Lion!
Aoífe Doyle, Creative Director – Pink Kong Studios

Award winning Pink Kong Studios creates branded animated entertainment for TV, Film, Games and Advertising Houses.

Co-founded in 2014 by Creative Director, Aoífe Doyle and Producer Niamh Herrity. The studios vision is to create original, high end, story driven animated content for worldwide viewers.

Our highly experienced creative team are passionate about the animation process. On each production, we are driven to creates innovations in storytelling. Adding value for our clients by being unafraid to colour outside the lines!

Based in Dublin, Ireland the studio develops stories & characters with multi-platform in mind from the outset. We are proud to have had our work showcased as numerous international animation festivals.

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