Ink and Light’s new series Ollie to premiere on RTÉjr this December

Little ones’ eyes will be lighting up this Christmas with Ink and Light’s new RTÉjr series Ollie. Ollie is an animated series for children 3 to 5 years, featuring a new forest favourite Ollie the owl. Ollie premieres on RTÉjr on December 2nd at 10am.

Right in the middle of a very busy city, there is a peaceful place. It’s a cosy park, closed off and forgotten, a true oasis. This is where you will find Ollie, the little blue owl and his friends – a small stork, a young frog and five little birds. Together they all have lots of adventures. If you want to meet them, you are very welcome there… if you can find it.

Small stories about big issues like discovery, friendship, being alone, and the importance of the little things in life. If you want to meet Ollie and his friends, you best come at nightfall. That’s when the city turns quiet and everybody goes to sleep. Except for Ollie and his friends who are still awake, just long enough for a little adventure. The show is aimed at the dreamer in all of us.


When we first saw the pitch for Ollie, the gentle humour and beautiful design stood out immediately as something special and we were in love. We are so proud to have played a part in bringing this gorgeous new show to life and grateful to be a part of the vibrant animation industry in this country right now. Huge thanks must go to our partners in RTÉjr and Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland, who have been so supportive throughout the production. We can’t wait to share Ollie with audiences at home and around the world.”

Tamsin Lyons, Producer – Ink and Light

Ollie is a co-production between Ink and Light in Ireland and Lunanime in Belgium. The show is created by Belgian director Anton Setola. Half of the 52 episodes were written and created in Ireland, half in Belgium. The distinctive sound design and music was created at Storyline in Norway with improvisational musician and composer Kjetil Schjander Luhr. Writers are Anton Setola, An Vrombaut, Shannon George, Kristina Yee, Emma Hogan, Jason Tammemagi, Dee Roycroft and Sally O’Sullivan. Animation is provided by LumiereStudio and Daily Madness studios.

It was a challenging but satisfying process to create these little stories. We produced 52 episodes of 4 minutes that are poetic, trigger children’s imaginations, are playful and have a sense of humor in it. It has been a very enriching experience to co-produce Ollie with our amazing partners in Ireland and Norway.

Annemie Degryse, Producer – Lunanime

Watch Ollie on RTÉjr Monday December 2nd, 10am and also on the RTÉ player. The series will air in Belgium later this year and internationally in 2020.

Ollie is produced by Lunanime, Ink and Light and Storyline and distributed by BETA Film. The series is supported by Fís Éireann/ Screen Ireland, RTÉjr, Ketnet, VAF, Screen Flanders, Creative Europe MEDIA, Lum.Invest, The Belgian Taxshelter for Film Finance and received support of incentives for the Irish Film Industry provided by the Government of Ireland.

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