#IrishFilm: Watch Aidan McAteer’s deadly animated short…Deadly

Released today, as the Irish Film Board’s Friday Short, is writer/director Aidan McAteer’s hilarious and moving animated short Deadly, produced by Shannon George of Kavaleer Productions.

Deadly tells the story of Boney, a working stiff in a dead-end job. That is until he has a run-in with a spirited old lady named Bridie.  Academy Award® winner Brenda Fricker and Love/Hate star Peter Coonan lend their voices to this bittersweet animated short about life, death and dancing!

The film was backed by the Irish Film Board’s Frameworks scheme. Frameworks is an established scheme for the making of animated short films which has been incredibly successful in stimulating ground-breaking new work from Irish animators. Projects selected for funding will combine creative exploration with an ability to appeal to a broad audience. The Frameworks scheme is co-funded by the IFB and RTÉ.

Narratively and visually, Deadly weaves together its two strands of tragedy and comedy. As the relationship between the characters develops, there are moments of warm humour and heartfelt emotion. This film is about death and this film is about life, but it is also a film about friendship. Although the film is produced digitally for schedule and budget reason – I really wanted the piece to feel organic, so our very talented crew went to a lot of trouble to try and make you feel that you were watching something traditionally crafted. I believe that the warmth and emotion that comes from something created by hand that can often be lost in the computer.

I was delighted and to be honest, more than a little intimidated, to be working with such a stellar voice cast. Both Peter Coonan and (Academy Award winner) Brenda Fricker, brought such wonderful life and personality to Boney and Bridie. We were incredibly lucky to them. We were very lucky to work with Neil and David of Celtic Thunder on the music. The say that sound is 51% of film and I think they’re right! The score they created really raises the emotional level of the film and helps you feel for these characters.
Aidan McAteer, Director

For more information on the making of the film see the official website.

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